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Join The Pony Club

The Pony Club is the world's largest equestrian youth organisation, with over 30,000 Members in the UK alone. Become a Member to improve your riding, take part in a huge range of sports and activities, and learn vital skills!

Membership Benefits

Being a Pony Club Member brings some fantastic opportunities:

  • Having Fun – There are always lots of great things to do, with social events and activities, you will meet lots of new friends!
  • Sports – You can take part in NINE different Pony Club sports!
  • Competitions – You can enter competitions near your home and at Area Level. You also have the opportunity to qualify for the National Championships, the Spring Festival and the National Quiz.
  • Learning and Training – You can work towards Achievement Badges, Mini Badges and take The Pony Club’s internationally-recognised Tests
  • Insurance – Membership automatically provides you with personal liability insurance. Members are covered every day for a full year, up to £30m.
  • Help by Volunteering – Make your Branch or Centre even better by offering to help. It is a great way to build personal development skills for the future!
5 Steps to Joining The Pony Club

Step 1 - What type of membership suits you?

The Pony Club offers a wide range of membership types to suit everyone, whether or not they have access to their own horse/pony. See below to find out which membership is best for you!

Branch Membership

  • You'll need access to a horse/pony
  • You'll need to be able to transport your horse/pony to local rallies/events

Membership Price: £82/year

Non-Riding Membership

  • For anyone who only wants to take part in non-ridden activities
  • Take part in competitions such as The Pony Club Quiz, Winter Triathlon and Blue Cross Care

Membership Price: £37/year

Centre Membership

  • For anyone who doesn't have access to a horse/pony
  • You can go to a local Pony Club Linked Riding Centre to take part in Pony Club activities

Membership Price: £37/year

Centre Plus Membership

  • For members who attend a Pony Club Centre but also have regular access to a pony outside of the Centre
  • This includes someone who owns, leases or borrows a horse/pony

Membership Price: £82/year

Step 2 - Which Branch or Centre?

We have a 'find a club' page that will help you work out where and who are your local Branches and Pony Club Linked Riding Centres. All you have to do is enter your postcode to find out which club is best for you.

The Branch or Centre you choose all depends on your location and which Pony Club activities you would like to get involved in! This leads us on to step 3:

Step 3 - Get in touch!

Now that you have narrowed down your search to find the perfect club you need to get in touch with the District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor to find out a bit more about the club! Here are some example questions you could ask:

  • How many members do you have?
  • What sports do you offer?
  • How often do you hold Pony Club activities?

This should give you the information you need to make your decision on which club is best for you.

Step 4 - Head to the Members' Portal

New Members: Enter your details to create your personal Pony Club account and head on to step 5!

Existing Members wishing to renew for more Pony Club fun: You will receive an email close to your renewal date with a personalised portal link! You'll need to use this link to login - since your details already exist on our system, you won't be able to register a new account.

Step 5 - Get Started

Search for your club by inputting your postcode into the form below:

If you're a new member, click below to register an account on our online portal:

Register a Portal Account

A Few Final Tips

  • Search for your Branch or Centre’s website and sign up for your first Pony Club activity!
  • Don't forget to follow our social media pages to see what everyone is up to!
  • Your District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor is now your first point of contact for all things Pony Club.

Remember! Everyone was new at The Pony Club once – relax, be yourself and enjoy!